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Fashion Diva is a casual game where you have to dress up different models, satisfying the public and the fashion critics. You have complete control over the clothes, hair style, makeup, shoes, and accessories.

The game includes different challenges that make it more interesting. For example, in one part you have to dress up your models before running out of time. In another, your mission is to dress up various models so their styles match one another.

Dressing up the models is easy. Just tap a clothing item you want her to wear, and it automatically shows up on the model's body. It's the same with makeup: as soon as you click on eye shadow or lipstick, you instantly see how it looks on the model.

Fashion Diva is an entertaining fashion game that includes a variety of challenges. Also, despite only having one style available at the beginning, you can unlock additional ones after achieving fifteen stars.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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